When we take time to examine the Word of GOD we will find that the place to give was the treasury. There was a separate room from where the Word was being taught, a separate room from worship. The treasury was available for the people to give freely and to give in secret. We can... Continue Reading →


When people think of the scripture, "the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved," they typically think that GOD is adding members to a church. This scripture has nothing to do with man's concept of membership. GOD is not adding people to put on no church building to become a member.... Continue Reading →

The Spirit In You Has Fruit

The Spirit that dwells in you has fruit, but are your fruit ripe and ready, growing and quarded or rottened and ruined. Have you every taken time to discern, examine your fruit. You are the representation of The fruit that is in you. The Fruit of the Spirit is one fruit that releases love, joy,... Continue Reading →

Fruit Of Lies

The broken hearted prophet Hosea prophesies that when you sow to yourselves in righteousness, you reap in mercy. Each of us live in need of GOD'S mercy as we live in this world but not of the world. He shares with us to break up your plowed ground so that GOD can restore you because... Continue Reading →

Don’t Pray For Your Enemy

We are so use to believing what Christian leaders preach that we have never taken time to study for ourselves. It is important that we read the Word of GOD the way that it is written in order to remove confusion, deception and misrepresentation. We have been on a course of perishing because we lack... Continue Reading →

No Streets of Gold in Heaven

Since I was a young girl, I was taught that heaven has street of gold and pearly gates. I never had a reason to question this theology until I heard a Bishop named Veron Ashe say that heaven does not have streets of gold. When I heard this I was initially confused so I quickly... Continue Reading →


This particular passage of scripture deals with Thomas and his faithlessness. We understand that we are blessed because we have not seen Yeshua (Jesus, The Word) yet we believe. Today's revelation regarding this same occurrence is to those that believe but you don't examine the Word (Jesus). You believe but don't want to examine the... Continue Reading →


Studying Matthews 13:39 provides us with an understanding that our harvest is the end of the world. If the harvest is the end of the world then we are going to be planted in a new world. This is truly an exciting journey for us as the Body of The Messiah to look forward too.

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