Fruit Of Lies

The broken hearted prophet Hosea prophesies that when you sow to yourselves in righteousness, you reap in mercy. Each of us live in need of GOD’S mercy as we live in this world but not of the world. He shares with us to break up your plowed ground so that GOD can restore you because now is the time to seek the LORD.

He prophesied of man’s wickedness and because of man’s own moral wrongs you have reaped injustice, perverseness. You are consuming, devouring the FRUIT OF LIES (the rewards of lying) because you trusted in your way, your manner, your way of living and have trusted in the greatness of powerful, chief men. This is the reason why destruction, horrible things, disorder rises among people.

We as a nation keep blaming man for the things happening in the earth when it is each of our own fault. We have loved the fruit of lies and the rewards of living our lives the way we want too has caused us to reap destruction, disorder, horror.

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