When people think of the scripture, “the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved,” they typically think that GOD is adding members to a church. This scripture has nothing to do with man’s concept of membership. GOD is not adding people to put on no church building to become a member. GOD is adding to the fellowship of a group of people to assist, fellowship, pray, take communion together. When we examine the scripture in true context, people came together so that each person (not the pastor only) but each person that was unclean, common could become whole. This saved is not in context with saying a unscriptural sinners prayer but about helping each other become healed.

They was of one heart, one mind and sold their stuff so that everyone that entered the temple could become whole. They shared their money, their hearts, their compassion and as the Lord added to the they may have come in poor mentally, physically, spiritually they did not leave out that way.

They demonstrated GOD loves for one another and because they fellowshiped together, gave to each other, prayed together, the Lord could add to the church and they saw many signs and wonders. GOD is NOT adding to churches today and the evidence is people aren’t being made whole. They go in poor, sick, depressed … and leave back out that way with no signs, miracles and wonders.

Acts 2:44-47 (KJV)

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