In Genesis we find out that GOD repented that He was committed to man, that He prepared, keot man because of man’s wickedness. GOD didn’t change His mind that He created man because GOD is all knowing. GOD doing His moment of sorrow over the state of man’s wickedness comforted Himself. He shows His heart, His power by destroying the wickedness from earth by destroying man. He knew that He had a remnant of people on the earth that was righteous, thus saving Noah and His family. GOD’S ways and thoughts are higher than ours but GOD wanted us to know that He grieves yet while grieving He is comforting Himself. GOD being perfect is is all things at the same time. He shows us His heart, His thoughts, His feelings and His power.

GOD knew that this story needed to be an example to others to show us the wages of our sins and the mercy and grace He extends to the righteous. We read this passage and miss that GOD is striving to show us that our hearts need to be touched, our minds renewed and our lives changed.

Most people when they read Genesis 6:5-7, they only see the destruction of wickedness but rarely see the sorrow that GOD dealt with by man choosing wickedness over righteousness. GOD demonstrates in this passage His ability to feel and His power to destroy.

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