When we take time to examine the Word of GOD we will find that the place to give was the treasury. There was a separate room from where the Word was being taught, a separate room from worship. The treasury was available for the people to give freely and to give in secret.

We can witness this separation of rooms when Jesus was sitting by the treasury watching how the rich was giving in abundance. Then He saw a poor woman putting in two mites and stated that she gave more than all the rich people.

We can also see this example when Jesus turned over the table because the people had mad the house of prayer, a den of thieves.

The Word of GOD shows us examples on how we should structure the church but leaders continuously follow traditions of men rather than following the Word of GOD. The Word states that you cannot serve mammon and GOD, yet we have combined mammon and GOD in our worship serves.

If you are called by GOD’S Name, would humble yourself and pray, and seek His Face, He would show you His ways, His thoughts and forgive your sin and heal the land. We must begin to pull down these man made traditions and follow GOD.

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