The Result Is Increase

Increase is the result that we expect but ... When GOD speaks the Word to the earth, the earth responds and gives increase. When GOD speaks the Word to people, they have a choice if they're going to respond and on how they will respond. GOD spoke and the WORD that he spoke to the... Continue Reading →


There are truly lots of amazing (good & bad) things in this earth realm that people do because of love or what they believe is love. People can become possessive over another person or total passive over what another person does. A person's love can be filled with jealously or selfishness. Then there are individuals... Continue Reading →


Who can sing like you Dance like you Walk like you Talk like you Think like you Get it done like you Many people hate they have imitators, but get busy being you and you won't care. You can take it as a personal compliment that someone desires to be like you. Yes you are... Continue Reading →


There was this poor wise man that lived in a little city. He heard how this great leader came into his little city and began to oppress the people. He came in took their animals and captured their fish. He sieged whatever he wanted. The people were weakened. But GOD had a plan. GOD used... Continue Reading →


WHERE'S THE GLORY The church that God built is meant to come together to worship the Most High God, to save souls, to fellowship, to read the Word of God, to praise God, a time for GLORY to be revealed, rejoicing, celebrating. BUT the church has allowed flesh to turned the church into a hospital.... Continue Reading →


Captured by His Love Set free By His Truth Made strong by His Word Saved by His Grace Kept by His Mercy Prosperous by His will Sealed by His power. LIVING LIFE FREE


God ordains who we are before conception Creates our soul upon injection Forms our beauty and our bodies during inception Predestinates our life and there's no exception. Our job is to find The way.


Matthew said it so eloquently, "Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity." Lord don't let this be us. Create in us a clean heart, renew Your spirit in us. Wash us with the power of Your Word. Our minds belongs to You. We serve... Continue Reading →

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