Black Bondage

Blacks are always in bondage because they reject truth and run after facts seeking answers but are still perishing from lack of knowledge. They don't understand that they are chosen by GOD. So they live as rejects, with lots of defects, loving objects, no self-respect, fail to correct,  won't direct, live wrecked, don't wanna be... Continue Reading →

Ministry Is Not A Church

Ministry is a service that is within a church. The same way there are ministers in the church, the ministers should be aiding the body in ministry. We have draw so far away from the Word of GOD that we call night day and day night. It is time to continuously shine a light on... Continue Reading →

Itching Ears

The time has arrived in the whole wide world where people do not hold onto sound doctrine. They love hearing preachers and speakers giving puffy messages rather than hearing truth. There was a time when individuals were eager go to Sunday school to learn about the Word of GOD. Then the church got rid of... Continue Reading →


You look beautiful! You are walking down the aisle, all eyes are on you because you are the bride. You prepared for this moment, you dreamt about this moment as a young girl. You know that this is your amazing day. Your are the bride! But you will not remain a bride, you will upon... Continue Reading →

Heaven’s Vacancies

When Lucifer became deceived and thought it right to be as GOD, he caused division in eternity. He rose up in pride and found himself on the outside, no longer an inhabitant of eternity, but found himself living in the midst of time. The scriptures says that the dragon's tail drew the third part of... Continue Reading →


Have you been facing life's situations and often wonder why things don't get better? Does sickness have you believing that GOD doesn't hear your prayer? Do you keep rehearsing in your mind, when will things get better for me? I believe this video will help you identify your faith and begin to seek how it... Continue Reading →


My daughters were in crisis. Every day we were receiving unbelievable reports of sicknesses, diseases, plagues, violence and near death situations. Our family had become inundated with negative news. As we began to cry today in despair, we began uniting together in a way that pleased GOD. We were no longer physically, mentally, emotionally close... Continue Reading →

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