He Is Not Your Spiritual Father

The Word of GOD can be a complex book for a lot of people, especially for babes looking for instructions, encouragement and truth. Even individuals that deem themselves as biblical scholars have misrepresented the Word of GOD. This happens because the Word is not natural. The holy script tells us that the letter killeth but it is the spirit that gives us life.

That life is found in Matthew the 23rd chapter. (KJV) Jesus is teaching and sharing with us that spiritually we have ONLY one Master and that Yeashua (Jesus) is the only spirit that should be called your spiritual Rabbi or Master. He then further forbids us to call any natural man in earth your spiritual father. We ONLY have one Father that takes care of our spiritual needs. Our Father gives us people to share His Word with others, so that we are feed spiritually. Our Father guides and blesses us naturally and spiritually.

When we call a natural man our spiritual father we have replaced GOD with a god. Many people love saying my father, my papa thinking that GOD gave them a spiritual father, but this is against the Word of GOD. You may have teachers, mentors, leaders, etc but there should be no such thing as a spiritual father.

Is your earthly spiritual father available 24 hours a day, can bless you when you need a blessing, wake you up from your sleep? Is he there when you’re heart broken, need chastising, feeling lonely, need food, need money, need clothes?

NO!!! ONLY GOD can do those things. Get rid of your idol god so GOD can become your FATHER.

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