After GOD cast out Lucifer and a third of the stars (angels) out of Eternity, they were placed in the heavens. Lucifer which means brightness, son of the morning star has now lost his name, position and honor in eternity. Lucifer which is a beautiful name because GOD named him that, is now Satan and has no power to enter back into eternity. Satan’s power is going to enter the earth. We can see from reading Genesis that darkness (the abyss) was in the water but the Spirit of GOD (GOD’S Power) was covering the top of the water. This shows us that no matter where Satan shows up, the Power of GOD stills overpowers him.

At some point, which I have not studied to see if the bible identifies this, but Satan draws his tail up in the heavens and pulled down the one third of the angels to earth with him. He now has his army of fallened stars and named them after himself, devils. Oh, by the way, demons are not biblical. I know we cast out demons and love to identify people with demons, well that is your privilege. My heart is to share what is in the scriptures, not to go along with the masses. They are devils, not demons.

Thanks, love you from the midst of my heart.

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