Hell Is The Grave

When people think about hell they typically think of a place where people is screaming and burning but this image that we had/have is not according to the Word of GOD. If we read Matthew 13:41 & 42 the scripture shares that after the church, Yeshua angels will gather all things that offend and all iniquitious people and shall cast them into a furnace of fire not cast them into hell.

When the Word speaks of hell fire, it is speaking of when hell is going to be casted into the lake of fire because there will be no more graves, no more death on earth. Death, hell, the grave will be casted into the fire where it will burn forever with the souls that GOD judges to go there.

Today on earth, because GOD’S judgment has not entered the earth is nothing but a whole in the ground. In the Old Testament, it was the holding place for those that died but Jesus took the victory from hell, the grave and set the people free where all souls belong to GOD.

When you look up the true meaning of hell according to the Word of GOD, not this world’s catwampus meaning, you will see that hell has no power, no victory, it is a hole in the ground housing our loved ones that has past and one day will be casted into the lake of fire because there will be no more death. Every human will live eternally on the new earth or in the lake of fire.

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