Jesus Is Not Preparing Us A Mansion

We have often heard throughout out lifetime that we will have a mansion when we get to heaven. This is another misrepresentation of what the Word of GOD says but I do not believe that any leader set out to feed us lies. We lived in a society where millions of blacks were not even allowed to read, therefore trusting the others and there own interpretation of the scriptures. Today since knowledge has increase we must diligently study for ourselves

The Beautiful Magnificent Word says that Jesus told us that in GOD’S house (eternity) are many mansions. These mansions are spiritual in eternity, where spirits dwells.

Then Yeshua states that He had to go to prepare, make ready a PLACE for you, not a mansion, not a bungalow, not a condo, A PLACE. A place that has a certain amount of space, a room for only so many occupants. A place for His Bride, the church. Yeshua is preparing a place for Him to receive us. A place where we can be in Him and no matter where Yeshua (Jesus) goes we will be with Him.

So we are not limited to receiving a mansion from Yeshua, but we will have access to all mansions in eternity. Whatever access Yeshua has we will have access, wherever He goes, we will be found with Him. Therefore we don’t have to look forward to receiving a mansion but look forward to having access to ALL that GOD has for us.

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