The Spirit In You Has Fruit

The Spirit that dwells in you has fruit, but are your fruit ripe and ready, growing and quarded or rottened and ruined. Have you every taken time to discern, examine your fruit. You are the representation of The fruit that is in you. The Fruit of the Spirit is one fruit that releases love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. This fruit is ripe and ready to be shared with others so that they may taste and see that GOD is good.

But then maybe your fruit isn’t ripe yet, your fruit may be growing slowly because you are guarded. You have a preconceived notion that if you share your fruit that others will not like you or that others do not deserve what you have to offer. Guarded fruit is kept safe but will one day spoil because fruit is meant to be tasted, to see, to enjoy. There always comes a time when your fruit becomes ripe and ready to share. You may not want your growing fruit that you are guarding to die.

Lastly we have individuals that have rottened fruit and it is ruining their lives. This is no longer the Fruit of the Spirit but may be Fruit of lies, Fruit of their womb, mind. Their fruit have been choked with distractions, money, pleasures of life where you cannot bring forth fruit to perfection. The spirit that is in you is rotten and is ruining your life.

In all our getting, let us get an understanding that the Fruit of the Spirit demonstrates, gives, lives in goodness, righteousness and truth, proving to others what is acceptable to the Lord.

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