The Giving Of Money

There were a certain place that money was given in the scriptures. It was never a part of worship, teaching, etc in the tabernacle. Money was given in a separate room known as the treasury. If you really take time out and think about it, how can money be given to GOD. GOD is the Holy Spirit and desires holy things. Money was created for earthly matters and GOD has a desire for you to give it to others, to build your family, to build His house of worship, to take care of the orphans, motherless, etc. The scripture tell you that if anyone borrows and they are of the household of faith that you should not charge them any interest. The scripture also teaches that money is meant to be invested, it is a medium of exchange.

The bible teaches that you give freely and in secret. These two methods have left churches and they have resulted to have $100 lines to $50 … They prophesy over people that give more and people are constantly being put to an open shame because they don’t have it to give. Truly this cannot be GOD’S way.


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