Who Really Ate Quail Sperm

There is so many wonderful things in the bible that never get taught, talked about, studied, researched nor introduced. As a student of the Word, I delight in learning, and I am so eager to share all the things I now know. I grew up in church and told what I could not do and the only thing I could do was give money. I grew up in church learned how to quote the books of the bible, how to say the Lord’s prayer and how to shout hallelujah.

But I never learned bible secrets. As an adult, we would sparingly hear revelations given to a pastor. Then came these motivational speaker pastors that used scripture reference to entertain crowds. But when the Holy Ghost pulled me to the side and began teaching me how to study using my Strong’s Concordance, the King James Bible, commentaries, OH WOW, the mysteries began flooding in. As I uncovered one mystery, I eagerly searched for another and another.

Today, I will share with you, who really ate quail sperm. Let’s begin in Exodus the 16th chapter when the Lord heard the children of Israel complaining about being hungry. God told Moses to tell them that in the morning they shall eat bread, and, in the evening, they shall eat flesh.

Then that evening the quails (slow flying birds) came up and covered the camp and in the morning, the dew lay (copulation) round about the host. And when the copulation was raised up, behold upon the sight of the wilderness, there laid a small round thing, as small as the hoar frost (white frost) on the ground. The children of Israel named it manna.

So, who really did eat quail sperm? The children of Israel for 40 years and called it manna. Manna from heaven, sperm from the quails in the sky.


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