The Church of Sick People

DID YOU KNOW THAT the church is GOD’S temple where individuals come together to worship the Most Highest GOD, to save souls, to fellowship, to read the Word of God, to praise God. It is a time for GLORY to be revealed and a place of rejoicing and celebrating.

BUT today’s church leaders and members have turned the church into a hospital. There is no scripture that says bring the sick into a church to be healed, but the bible says call the Elders to come to the sick and pray the prayer of faith and they shall be healed. Notice, Yeshua went into the harvest, found the sick, the sick found Him, and people of the sick found Him, and Jesus healed them right where they were. Jesus never said to bring a sick person into the church.

Even in the world, the people in a hospital are all sick and when they get well, they go home, they don’t come back. So, if the church is a hospital, there should only be sick people there trying to get well, all the people that are well should be at home. The only people that should be in church are the doctors and nurses. Also, remember death is in hospitals, could this be way, many people are dying being in church. A hospital is known for giving out concoctions, pharmaceuticals, witchcraft, so does this really identify GOD’S church. A hospital also houses dead people until they are transported. Are churches housing the dead waiting on them to be spiritually transported. The church should not be a hospital, it should be a place of celebration, rejoicing, prayer and reading the Word. Could this be why a lot of people have become sick of churches.

Peter shared with us in Matthew 16:18 that the church is build upon a rock, a foundation, and the entrance to hell (the grave) shall not overpower it. No sickness, no poverty, no devils, no infirmities, can overpower the church and turn it into a hospital.


Who came up with the idea of churches being hospital. Hospital originated form the Latin word hospes, and means guest, stranger, hotel, hospice. It was interpreted as a place where strangers who suffer come to be cared for. So, if the church is a hospital, there should be no members, no families, no friendships, no body of Christ, it should be a place of strangers.

Jesus healed the sick, broken, cast out unclean spirits, etc. right where they were. He did not take them to church, when He went to the tabernacle, He went there to learn, to share, to honor GOD for who He is. The scriptures says that He sent the Word and they were healed. The Word says, “Is any sick among you? let him CALL for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.” So, where are the ELDERS to go towards the sick

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