Have Confidence to Obey

A vast number of women doesn’t like the word obey because they feel it takes away their freedom to do what they want to do. They also believe that it gives too much control over their lives to someone else. Teenagers don’t like the word because it creates a natural conflict with who they want to be. Men definitely don’t want to obey anyone, but loves the idea that women obey them. Now the church loves the word obey, they preach it and teach it. They often impose obedient upon their congregation and tell you that you are in sin if you don’t obey them. This of course leads to many becoming rebellious against the word obey.
So, let us look at what the word “obey” really means. It means to in the direction to hear to persuade, trust, have confidence be confident. It is not a word that means to bow down and kiss someone’s behind nor is it a word to be afraid of. Obey is a beautiful thing when it comes to marriage. To obey means that you trust someone, you have confidence in them, you are in the direction to hear and you being attentive is to obey.
Many children are obedient to their parents because they are the one(s) leading them to hear what they have to say. They trust their parents, have confidence in them. It is easy to obey when you know the beauty in creates in relationships.
Obey (trust, have confident, believe) them that have the rule over you. Listen attentively to them that have rule over you.
Let the word obey become an intricate part of your life and not let it create division and fear.

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