Communion, Who Are You Communing With

I know! I know! Some people that are caught up in denomination’s traditions will get angry with me, but I’m going to write the truth any way. He that want to be free will not just ignore this but study for themselves to know that truth makes free.

Communion appears in 3 bible verses and mean to fellowship, communication, partnership. I will be focusing on I Cor 10:16 which says, “The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ. NOW, the fun part, let’s see what the bible means.

1st point: The bread here is RISEN bread, not crackers. The bible does not say that they ate crackers. In the Old Testament where they obeyed the law, they cooked unleavened bread, but once Jesus rose, the bread, his body is now risen, risen bread.

2nd point: the blood is the juice of grapes, and I am not going to debate about the grapes being fermented or not. That should not become an argument for you, but a revelation from GOD, depending on if you’re a babe in Christ or a full adult (saint),

3rd point: Communion was never conducted in a church; it was done house to house. Church communion began in 1933 to promote unity. Communion was done house to house to prevent non-christians from being put to an open shame, but it was a worship experience.

4th point: Communion is actually receiving the blood and body of Christ in you and he that eat and drink unworthily (without reverence), eat and drink damnation to themselves. So you are not eating and drinking Jesus body and blood, you are eating and drinking damnation (judgment, condemnation)

Now, I know this does not agree with your denomination’s traditions and that’s a GREAT thing. Now the Spirit of Truth can reign.

So be mad or become excited that you have entered into the realm of TRUTH.


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