There are truly lots of amazing (good & bad) things in this earth realm that people do because of love or what they believe is love. People can become possessive over another person or total passive over what another person does. A person’s love can be filled with jealously or selfishness. Then there are individuals that are givers and some takers. Life also presents us with talkers or those that quietly shuts down while in relationships.

Upon examining various individuals that say they love someone, you’ll find that one thing is missing in their relationship and that’s developing a relationship with LOVE. When we make a conscious choice to enter into a relationship with LOVE, this will enhance all our relationships with those whom we love.

How can an individual truly understand what love is if they never develop a relationship with LOVE.


It’s GOD’S word (His Son) that has created the beauty that we know, share and enjoy in this world. It’s GOD’S displays of Love that gives us clear perspectiveon life and love. It takes a touch of GOD (Love) to awaken our understanding. GOD’S voice is the only voice that when spoken introduces us to peace, while keeping our mind on the Messiah we can have perfect peace. Then it’s GOD’S miracles in all our lives that makes love worthwhile.

So when it comes to your relationship(s) of love and you’re faced with difficulties, think about drawning nearer to Love so that Love can direct your path in love.

REMEMBERING, that LOVE has everything to do with everything

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