Increase is the result that we expect but …

When GOD speaks the Word to the earth, the earth responds and gives increase. When GOD speaks the Word to people, they have a choice if they’re going to respond and on how they will respond.

GOD spoke and the WORD that he spoke to the earth became flesh (the first Adam). Then came the deception and in order to clean up deception GOD spoke the Word and the Word of Truth became flesh (Our Lord the Messiah). GOD sent the Holy Ghost to planted the seed (the Word) and Mary believed the Word and watered the Word so the Word was manifested.

But when GOD speaks a Word to us, we get in a hurry to see it manifest. We go from yes GOD I believe, I’ll obey and expect the Word to manifest. But what we forget is that we must water the word (seed) that GOD planted. When there’s no manifestation of the word so people will blame GOD. But GOD’S laws/promises is proof that GOD will give us increase when we fulfill our responsibility. GOD is not purposefully making us wait but GOD is waiting on our works. Faith and works works the word.

What words are you waiting on to manifest. You believed so you thought you should receive but you didn’t water the word that was planted. Water your word with works, water your word with research, water your word classes, water your word with mentorship. Whatever you need to do your word(s) need watering.

Mary believed the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit planted the seed. Mary watered her seed with nutrients, abstaining from intercourse and the seed was developing in water. She watered her seed and the seed manifested in the flesh.

Take a minute to remember the word(s) you’re waiting to manifest and don’t let it die, water them. Watering is not just for us but for the next generation too.

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