I know/knew that GOD chose me to be HIS obedient servant. I know my assignment is to spread GOD'S WORD (gospel truth). I knew GOD chose me when I was 12 years old and that because of the wisdom that HE imparted in me, that many would disagree with GOD and side with the world's... Continue Reading →


There is this beautiful couple on Instagram, named Chris and Savannah They have displayed in their 1st wedding dance united movements of love. Love is not like a solid wall that only displays its protective daily purpose but love is a solid movement. It's flexibility, grace, power, strength, beauty, happiness compares to no other spirit... Continue Reading →


There are truly lots of amazing (good & bad) things in this earth realm that people do because of love or what they believe is love. People can become possessive over another person or total passive over what another person does. A person's love can be filled with jealously or selfishness. Then there are individuals... Continue Reading →

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