Ministry is a service, relief, an aid that is within a church. The same way there are ministers in the church, the ministers should be aiding the body in ministry. We in today’s society has done everything we can to change the Word of GOD and to exalt ourselves. When Jesus said that HE was building a church that the gates of hell shall not prevail against, He was not talking about a ministry.

We have draw so far away from the Word of GOD that we accept these deceptions of the world. GOD said that HIS church should be called a House of Prayer but man calls them ministries. Ministries are not churches but services inside a church to provide relief for the people of GOD. We gotta stop calling night day and day night. We must become diligent in shining a light on deception and to pray that the people eyes become enlightened and that they begin to earnestly pray against deception and pray for discernment.

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