Slain In The Spirit

My prayer is that there comes a day when the church turns to GOD and stop receiving in their hearts the multitude of deceptive words being taught. I pray one day that the body of the Messiah would learn to pray against deception and begin to become disciples. We have Bishops, Pastors, Apostles, Teachers, Prophets, Ministers, etc of the gospel that were never disciples. Before Jesus called them by their GIFT, they had to learn of Truth and learn with Truth. Today’s leader suck up lies because they sound good and then they start teaching these lies to get sound bits, to get people to clap their hands, to entertain.

The Word of GOD is sharp, powerful, piercing. When was the last time you have been pierced by the Word of GOD. I pray that the Holy Ghost continue to reveal Truth, because when Truth is revealed, the lies are exposed.

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