My daughters were in crisis. Every day we were receiving unbelievable reports of sicknesses, diseases, plagues, violence and near death situations. Our family had become inundated with negative news. As we began to cry today in despair, we began uniting together in a way that pleased GOD. We were no longer physically, mentally, emotionally close to each other, we became spiritually close.

Our spirits began to touch and agree as daily news would headline over our hearts. We were getting to the place of not wanting to answer our phones because we knew it was going to be more bad news. My family was living on the edge, holding onto faith and fighting against fears.

Emotions were wrecked, minds were overwhelmed, hearts were breaking BUT GOD. GOD spoke to go on a family fast and it’s not the number of hours nor days, it was about our unity.

We began fasting for our family healing, healing minds, bodies & spirits. We became our own champions. We had NO TIME to discuss what devils were doing, we concentrated on THANKING GOD for what HE was doing.

As we fasted and prayed, we began to receive the reports of the Lord. GOD began to draw our family closer to Him and began His healing process. We grew closer and began to see GOD prosper us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. GOD’S even began to grace each of us financially.

The scriptures tells us, when you pray, fast and give in secret, that GOD will reward you openly. This scripture is so valid and real today, that it will never lose its power because it’s the WORD. Obey the Word, search the Word, read the Word, the Word reveals the answers you need in life.

If you’re struggling, weary, sad, lonely, in pain, angry, etc try fasting and praying in secret, and watch GOD reward you openly. Let your light shine so others may see your good works and glorify the Father which is in Heaven.

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