Praying In Tongues

Dr. Glen Arekion provides us with 100 Benefits of Speaking in Tongues in his book called The Power of Praying In Tongues. Don't miss GOD'S Power because of unbelief. Hearing the Word can grow your faith to receive. 1. Tongues is the entrance into the SPIRIT2. Tongues is the prayer in the New Testament.3. Tongues... Continue Reading →

He Lives To Make Deals

People are so prone to depend upon other people that they miss out on an amazing life because they fail to recognize the Treasure they have within them. When we get sad, disappointed, rejected, hurt, depressed, etc we tend to look for a person to call. We have failed so long to give credit to... Continue Reading →

Don’t Pray For Your Enemy

We are so use to believing what Christian leaders preach that we have never taken time to study for ourselves. It is important that we read the Word of GOD the way that it is written in order to remove confusion, deception and misrepresentation. We have been on a course of perishing because we lack... Continue Reading →


GOD will not be second and we should not have any gods before HIM. If you are praying and you get interrupted by things in life. Start your prayer over, giving GOD full reverence and your full attention. Giving GOD honor and respect connects you to The Father and gets His undivided attention.


My daughters were in crisis. Every day we were receiving unbelievable reports of sicknesses, diseases, plagues, violence and near death situations. Our family had become inundated with negative news. As we began to cry today in despair, we began uniting together in a way that pleased GOD. We were no longer physically, mentally, emotionally close... Continue Reading →


Lord we come today asking that you washes, purify has cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We ask that you break the bow, The Sword, and the battle out of the earth and make us to lie down and safety. Engage us in matrimony to thee forever. Engage us in righteousness, judgment, loving-kindness and faithfulness (truth)... Continue Reading →

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