Secrets are apart of every individual’s life and relationship. We hid our secrets in our hearts because we know they are safe, secure and cannot be used against us. No one wants to give a part of their inner self to someone that cannot hid their words in their heart that they might not sin against them. Therefore committed love is the essence that qualifies a person to hold your secrets.

Committed love is knowing that your secrets are safe with the person you love and the person that loves you back. No secrets should be shared with someone you’re dating, going to school with, working on a job with … Secrets should be share with individuals you’re covenant (spiritual or natural contract) with.

Most people have a blood covenant, a committed love with their parents therefore they should be able to share some secrets with them without condemnation. Now I’m not saying your parents should accept or approve everything, I’m saying they should be able to hid your secrets in their heart and not sin against you.

Another individual is your spouse. If you’re dating someone their is a higher chance, because of convenience that your relationship can hit a snag and now it over and your secrets can be shared. Most of the time a secret is shared when you don’t know any of the other person’s secrets.

Feeling can muddy relationship’s senses by sharing based upon your emotions and not using your common sense. Before you share your secrets you can access an individual’s capability to share their secrets with you.

As a minister I have had many individuals share secrets with me because I’m in a covenant relationship with them. People have shared their crimes, cheating, stealing, etc and I’ve never shared them with others because I hid their words in my heart and wouldn’t sin, harm them.

As you go throughout your day access your relationships. If you’re in a spousal relationship, you should be able to share secrets with each other knowing they won’t be shared but you may want to test the persons character before you share. Share something and ask them not to share it then politely engage in a conversation with their friend(s) and bring that subject up. That will confirm if they can hold your secrets.

Everyone’s secrets are an essential part of their inner person and you should never expose yourself to just anyone. You’re too important to let it all hang out.

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