We that know and received Yeshua (Jesus) we are victors not victims. A victim is a person that have been harmed, acknowledges their harm and become comfortable in their harm. A victim addresses the injury, get healed from the injury yet they hold onto the injury. A victim may have been killed, but because they can’t hold onto that action, they may immediately become a victor over thar circumstance. Jesus our Messiah destroyed death in victory.

Being a victim doesn’t have to effect your presence nor adversely affect your future when you under stand that every harm, injury, crime, etc committed against you can cause the Victor in you to rise up and understand true victory. This is what an overcomer is. You know in your heart that you have the power and authority to overcome any amd all negative/satanic actions against you.

The enemy wants you to stay bound in negative, hurtful actions committed against you. Your circumstances, your faults and even your addictions should not label you. Deliverance, blessings, salvation, the Word, prayer, fasting and loving GOD are ways to confirm that you’re VICTORIOUS.

GOD has already told each of us that we are MORE than an overcomer. We are more than overcomers because of Him that lives in us. The word victim is not biblical. The Word has never classified anyone as being a victim, therefore this is of the world. But greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

Become the VICTOR that GOD created you to be and move forward living life on GOD’S terms in the spirit.

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