Lord we come today asking that you washes, purify has cleanse us from all unrighteousness. We ask that you break the bow, The Sword, and the battle out of the earth and make us to lie down and safety. Engage us in matrimony to thee forever. Engage us in righteousness, judgment, loving-kindness and faithfulness (truth) and then we shall know you Lord.

We acknowledge you as the GOD of our Salvation. You are our Lord of lord and King of kings. We know that thou has given us and created all things. We ask that you allow our rejoicing to continue, that our sacrificial days be honored, that our New Year be blessed and that you give us a heart to love others as we love ourselves.

We come to you Father asking that you enlarge our borders and strengthen our stakes, bring us to a wealthy place and speak direction to us. We have ears that can hear and we await to hear what thus says the Lord. We thank you for our vine yards and for making our valley a door of hope (expectation). We sing praises to you and know that it is you alone that we serve, we love, and we obey.

We pray that you hear the heavens that holds our prayers. As our prayers are released and sent to you. We know that the earth shall hear Your increase and must spring forth. The earth shall bring forth new wine, our Messiah. The earth shall hear the voice of GOD as He sows into the earth. We shall reap the bountiful blessings of the earth and no blessing shall by any means be held back.

We ask, seek, and know that thou art GOD, our Healer, Father, King our Provider. Have mercy upon us; extend your grace on us and increase your Love in us. As we are Yours and You are ours, we have no other GOD besides thee. We honor, bless and glorify You as being the Head of our lives. Knowing that all things are possible because we believe.

We pray this prayer of faith and that be it unto us according to Thy Word because Thy Word cannot return void. As Thy Word is being sown on the earth and the earth must obey. We thank You for our increase. We thank You for receiving our prayer. We thank you for manifestation, demonstration and for revelation. We thank You for Your directions, directing us where we need to harvest. Thank you for being our Father, giving us good gifts.

Grace, mercy and peace shall establish us as we pray and place this prayer in Jesus our Messiah (Yeshua Hamashiach) and it is by His name, His authority we pray, Amen

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