Dear Heavenly Father we come thanking you for prefecting us for your purpose, plan and desire. We come seeking thy presence and living obediently to your Word. We thank you for life, health and strength. Examine our hearts, direct our paths, speak to our lives. Show us your beauty, your glory and your grace. Allow... Continue Reading →


What will it cost you if you just believe God? You'll be able to see clearly when doubt is gone. You'll be able to see all obstacles that gets in your way. You'll be able to see brighter days ahead What will it cost you if you put all your faith in God? You'll find... Continue Reading →


Blessed in the city - she handed money to me to get my car fixed Blessed in the field - every item I ate was paid for by her Blessed is the fruit of my bidy, my ground, cattle, kine, sheep - she and ALL my children and grandchildren are extremely blessed by God Blessed... Continue Reading →


My mind's made up Some people will always eat pork-n-beans and hot dogs, the POOR, no Word Then some will always eat hamburgers and french fries, the MIDDLE CLASS, fleshly word Then some will always eat steak and potates, the RICH, demonic word But then some will always eat the meat of Word and partake... Continue Reading →


There's an amazing beauty of life that allows you to believe It carries your cares and wipes away your tears It gifts you with smiles and presents you with peace. It provides rest to your mind and gives you sweet dreams It fills your heart with happiness and your body knows the rhythm of its... Continue Reading →


There are certain times in life when people run into the arm's of God seeking immediate solutions. They're in a state of panick and fear and questions fill their heart as to why. Those times are times of dying. When a loved one is dying or when they are close to dying. God becomes their... Continue Reading →


500 people heard the promise 380 left the promise 120 received the promise And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. Don't leave God, His promises are always fulfilled


There is a power that transcends humanity and love that covers sins. Peace that surpasses understanding and battles that we must win There is a joy uunspeakable and full of His glory. The Word changes not and there's enjoyment in reading His story. There's riches abiding in His glory and salvation that we got. But... Continue Reading →

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