Have you heard the saying, “Give me 50 feet?” Meaning, get out my face, you’re in my space, move back. Most people not want you all up on them and as a show of respect there should be a safe distance between you and the person you’re engaging with. The only time someone wants you in their face is when you’re the right person they want to share moments of love with. Love rids ones mind of uncomfortability, incompatibility and infallibility. Love is the right to get in your face safely without creating fear or uncomfortability.

This type of fearless, comforting, in your face love is the type of love GOD wants to have with each of us. GOD wants us in His face. He would never tell us to give Him 50 feet. He awaits to hear your breath of love whisper is name. He waits to hear your heart beat for His presence.

He has spoken to you and waits for your response to His Word. GOD is in us, our presence, our pass, our future. He awaits for you to draw nearer to Him and decrease the distance between you and Him.

While we maybe busy telling some people to give us 50 feet, GOD is saying, “Come to me all that are are weary and those that are over burden, I will give you rest.” Getting in GOD’S face, in His presence give you an opportunity to get to know GOD’S LOVE. The closer you get to Him you’ll be able to know and trust Love.

So maybe giving your enemy 50 feet is a great relational position but GOD never wants that much space between you and Him. Let Love draw you nearer so you can taste and see how good GOD really is.

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