There was this poor wise man that lived in a little city. He heard how this great leader came into his little city and began to oppress the people. He came in took their animals and captured their fish. He sieged whatever he wanted. The people were weakened. But GOD had a plan. GOD used this poor wise man to deliver the entire little city. His wisdom was better than the people’s strength.

Now remember this man was poor but he was wise. After the people of the little city was saved, free, no one remembered the man. NO ONE remembered that he was poor and they ended up despising his wisdom.

GOD kept him, gave him the wisdom and used him to deliver his little city.

Have you ever been in a situation where you helped someone, you spoke wisdom into their life but then they ended up being jealous of you. You may share the wisdom of the Word but they don’t want to hear it. Who do you think you are? What makes your wisdom/words greater than others. They despise what GOD has gifted you with.

Well don’t be discourage. The wisdom of GOD is spoken in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which GOD ordained before the world. The wisdom GOD gifted you with will:

deliver a nation

set the captive free

ressurrect dead situations

discern righteousness

shared with leaders

compare spiritual things with spiritual

increase your knowledge

Pray for those that despise the gift that GOD has given you and allow your heart of compassion, heart of giving, heart of love to touch others. Don’t quench your gift, go set the captive free.

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