Forgiveness doesn't cancel a memory, it takes the sting out of the memory. That memory now has no power to hurt you again but that person can still make you sick. That type of sickness is because you didn't forgive the person, you forgave that action. True forgiveness has the power and healing agent for... Continue Reading →


WHERE'S THE GLORY The church that God built is meant to come together to worship the Most High God, to save souls, to fellowship, to read the Word of God, to praise God, a time for GLORY to be revealed, rejoicing, celebrating. BUT the church has allowed flesh to turned the church into a hospital.... Continue Reading →


THE WORD OF GOD IS SEED The WORD OF GOD is SEED So how can a seed/ the Word be a woman. The Word of God was written in male context because it is a seed. Why would the Word of God/SEED be written in a feminine context as a receiver, it GIVES, we don't... Continue Reading →

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