He Lives To Make Deals

People are so prone to depend upon other people that they miss out on an amazing life because they fail to recognize the Treasure they have within them. When we get sad, disappointed, rejected, hurt, depressed, etc we tend to look for a person to call. We have failed so long to give credit to Who is in us that we really don’t know Who He is.

Those that believe in our Lord Jesus Christ has an Intercessor in us that makes intercession for us with GROANINGS that are unspeakable. He makes intercession or deals for us according to the will of GOD. No person except the Spirit of GOD can make intercession or make a deal according to the will of GOD because they don’t know the mind of the Spirit.

Romans the eighth (8th) chapter teaches us so vividly about the Spirit, our Intercessor. Hebrew also declared that Yeshua Hamashiach lived to make Intercession for the people of GOD.

When you are in a situations, I ask that you please first connect to our Lord Jesus the Messiah so that immediate intercession (prayer) can go forth. Don’t wait until a situation gets worst, allow the Spirit to work on your behalf immediate with groanings no person can utter. Take your situation to the Highest authority so that you can obtain perfect results.

Remembering all things work together for good to them that love GOD, to them that are saints according to purpose.

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