Our thoughts are derived from our senses. We’ve touched, saw, smelled tasted or hear something that gives us our thoughts. When you have a thought, an idea from something other than your 5 senses that is a thought from GOD. GOD’S thoughts are higher than man’s thoughts. In order for each of us to increase in wisdom, common sense and/or intelligence, we can simple acknowledge that our thoughts are limited and we seek greater for ourselves. It doesn’t matter how old, how intelligent, how wise one is we’re still limited to the thoughts we think by what was introduced to us through our senses. We touched, hear, saw, tasted or smelled a process that activated our senses and it became a thought.

Our thoughts can be hot, cold or lukewarm. Before writing this post I had a though and while I was thinking I though about how limited my thoughts are. It doesn’t matter how old, how intelligent, how wise one is I realized that I’m still limited to the thoughts I think by what I was introduced to through my senses.  I remember what I heard and processed in my mind and now it’s a part of my thought process.

Imagine someone TELLING you an untruth over and over again, at some point you may start rationalizing the deception, making excuses for it and a part of you may even believe untruth is truth. You may even share this untruth with others convinced its true because at some point it entered into your heart.

During this thought process I began thinking about how GOD’S thoughts are not our thoughts and how much greater GOD is over our senses. We are humans, which means we are hu, earth and man, spirit and depending on which realm we’re pulling our thoughts from, creates who we are and who we want to be.

The Word speaks to us that if we live by the flesh we shall die but if we live by the Spirit we shall live. This word shares with us a higher realm of life, greater than our 5 thought senses, a life in the spirit.

A life in the unknown. A life where GOD’S truth becomes the substance of our thoughts and how to manifest our thoughts that are of GOD. There is no good thing that GOD would withhold from us because as a man thinks in his heart so is he.

When we only rely on our thought senses we’re cheating ourselves. There is so much more to living than just worldly thoughts. We can achieve greater in life by allowing the Word (which us spiritual) to increase our thoughts of faith, truth, power, peace, prayer and so much more. Can we elevate our lives, change our thoughts, do greater works by becoming spiritual thinkers? The thought is yours on how you decide to live life.

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