The consequences of our decision far out weights the decision. The decision(s) we’re making is not as imperative as the consequences of the decision(s). A person can decide to disobey GOD’S Word and have not investigated the consequences of that decision so they live their life stuck in a decided consequence wondering why life is the way it is. A person can decide to obey GOD’S Word and have not investigated the consequences and so they live life thankful but can’t teach their children nor others the manifested blessings of obedience.

Life’s consequences is the reaping effect of unknown seeds sown. You have seeds and have never investigated what type of seed is this, what type of soil do I need, how often should I water … We know that when doing good, good follows, when doing bad, bad follows but are we truly being as productive as we can if we understand what we have, how it grows and why things happen the way they happen.

Life’s consequences should be our primary goal while living, moving and having our being on earth. Consequences should be our motivating factor on why, how and understanding the results of the actions. Living a conscience life knowing the consequences of our decision allows us to be wise as a serpent, yet gentle as a dove. This was our Savior’s way of life.

He layed hands on the sick knowing the consequence was healing. He went about His Father’s business knowing the business would produce fruit. He preached the gospel knowing that His Word would make people free. He prayed along knowing He would succeed openly.

What will be the consequence of the decision(s) you’re about to make. Have you investigated the outcome so that you can produce an in-come (that which comes in your life). Live life by life’s consequences so that the joy of the Lord can strengthen you, establish you, settle you, make you perfect.

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