That which has been is called already.

We already know how to handle certain situations but our actions aren’t lining up with our already. We already know how certain people are, what they act like, how they talk, their morals but we look past already to let me see now. Most NOWS aren’t surprising because we ALREADY know.

So when it comes to relationships, families and when we already know a person, why do we try to change people. Each of us are designer originals and no one can be who you are. We’ve gotten to know people’s gestures, values, laughter, anger, etc. and somehow feel as if we can make them into the quality of perfect we want.

Let’s works on our own alreadys by examining ourself, reflecting on our past actions, noting how we react to certain things. This allows our already to be used for growth and not just something in pur past.

The scriptures says, “that which has been is named already,” so let’s allow our already to stimulate our own personal growth.

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