Studying Matthews 13:39 provides us with an understanding that our harvest is the end of the world. If the harvest is the end of the world then we are going to be planted in a new world. This is truly an exciting journey for us as the Body of The Messiah to look forward too.


GOD will not be second and we should not have any gods before HIM. If you are praying and you get interrupted by things in life. Start your prayer over, giving GOD full reverence and your full attention. Giving GOD honor and respect connects you to The Father and gets His undivided attention.

Slain In The Spirit

My prayer is that there comes a day when the church turns to GOD and stop receiving in their hearts the multitude of deceptive words being taught. I pray one day that the body of the Messiah would learn to pray against deception and begin to become disciples. We have Bishops, Pastors, Apostles, Teachers, Prophets,... Continue Reading →


Ministry is a service, relief, an aid that is within a church. The same way there are ministers in the church, the ministers should be aiding the body in ministry. We in today's society has done everything we can to change the Word of GOD and to exalt ourselves. When Jesus said that HE was... Continue Reading →


When you study the Word of GOD, it puts many things into perspective. Studying allows you an opportunity to know the truth but you are the one that has the faith, power, understanding to receive truth or reject it. The truth about titles is that they are meant to be guiding pillars, signs, symbols, waymarks... Continue Reading →


Isaiah 57:15 For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place and YOU that is of a contrite and humble spirit GOD will revive the spirit of the humble, and the heart of the contrite ones. The Word of GOD also... Continue Reading →


In the book of Hosea the 4th chapter, the Word of God says that God had strife, controversy, contention with the children of Israel. He said that they had no TRUTH in the land there was no MERCY nor KNOWLEDGE of HIM. They had turned to idol gods and they lived life by swearing, lying,... Continue Reading →

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