Your Title, Your Sign

There are a lot of people that have issues with people using titles but this is not according to knowledge. The Word of GOD is not against titles, rather people aren’t studying. We as spiritual leaders have all preached what we were taught rather than actually studying the passage for ourselves.

In the book of Job we find his friend Elihu listening to Job without responding and Job ask him his opinion. He answered Job that he was carefully listening to him before responding. He respected Job as his elder and respected Job’s wisdom. He didn’t want to speak out of turn.

Now that Elihu is ready to speak, he shared and says that his belly is full and he is ready to share. He opens his lips so that Job maybe refreshed. He speaking not to honor man nor to give man a flattering title (surname), to eulogize you. He was wise enough to know that by eulogizing Job with flattering titles would not benefit Job.

As I read various Old Testament and New Testament scriptures, I can’t find anywhere where GOD our Father nor Yeshua Hamashiach now any scripture us against titles. Titles according to the scriptures are signs, waymarks, guiding post in the Old Testament. So if the Word is not against titles then why are people.

It is easy to preach from our emotions but to honor GOD let each of us preach from the Word.

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