Who Is Really A DIVA

“DIVAS” aren’t made they are born,” was the quote that stuck out in my mind and me being me, stopped and pondered (I know you like that word) in my mind, “Who is really a DIVA?” I heard many females ascribe to being a DIVA. I have heard many females say that their daughter is a DIVA. As well as all these female singers that are DIVAs. This has become a popular term among females.

Then I decided to study the word DIVA because I am a self-proclaimed etymologist. I happen to love studying the origin/the root of words and DIVA sparked my attention. As I looked up the word, I found out that DIVA is a DEAD FEMALE that people worship. The word originates from the Italian to identify a female as a goddess, a female deity. It means a female divine one, deified mortal (a worshipped mortal).

Now I Get It!!! All these females want to be worshipped by you. They want you to hold them in high esteem, to worship them, make them your idol. They do not consider themselves as regular, shmegular (term made up by Cardi B) human. They are goddesses in their own minds and want you to believe that they are a goddess. But there is just one problem here, a DIVA is a dead person.

Are females really that desperate for attention, fame, to be known that they identify with a corpse, a dead person, a cadaver, a dead body, a stiff, a skeleton and you want other people to worship you. Is the self-esteem of women this broken? Have relationships, money, intimacy, emotions because so broken that need to become dead bodies to feel better about themselves? They’re living a dead existence that they have become a DIVA.

But my question is to you, are you worshipping these self-proclaimed dead bodies or are you a DIVA too?


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