Facts About Mansions

Did You Know That we have often heard that we will have a mansion when we get to heaven, and I must confess I thought that too. This is another church misnomer that is not scriptural. We have given up our own due diligence and accepted misinterpretations of the scriptures just like most of us accept eating other people’s foods. Even though knowledge has increase we must become students of the Word to know what the Word says.

Let’s start with what the bible says. John the 14th chapter says, “In my Father’s house are many mansions:” In GOD’s house right, the next question should be where is GOD’s house?

Isaiah 57:15 share with us that GOD lives in eternity. So in Eternity are many mansions, if it was not so, Jesus would have told you. Jesus then says that he goes to prepare a place (a room, quarters) for you. He will come again and receive you unto himself, so that where he is, you maybe also.

Nowhere in this passage does Jesus say that you are going to get a mansion in heaven. Do you really think that there are mansions in heaven like they are on earth. Mansion in the bible means a place to stay, an abode. These mansions are spiritual in eternity and know that you will be where the Spirit lives as a spiritual being.

Then Yeshua states that He had to go to prepare, make ready a PLACE for you, not a mansion, not a bungalow, not a condo, A PLACE. A place that has a certain amount of space, a room for many occupants. This is a place for His Bride, the church to live with Him, in Him forever. No matter where Yeshua (Jesus) goes we will be with Him.

So, we as limited thinking have turned this amazing scripture from meaning that we will be dwelling with Him to thinking we are going to be receiving a big house, a mansion. We forget that once we’re with Yeshua we will have access to the many mansions because these mansions are in eternity. Whatever access Yeshua has, we will have access, wherever He goes, we will be found with Him. Therefore, we don’t have to look forward to receiving a mansion but receiving access to ALL that GOD has for us.


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