Dream With Your Eyes Open To See Clearly

Did You Know That there is great purpose when you dream with your eyes open except and yes I did say expect, when you have a multitude of dreams and many words around you, dreaming will serve you no purpose. Ecclesiastes 5:7 says it like this, “For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also vanities, emptiness, unsatisfaction. Therefore, dreaming with open eyes to see clearly is to create an environment where you can hear from GOD yourself, without the advice, commenting, coaching of others. Even in Deuteronomy the 13th chapter, GOD states not to listen to the prophet nor those that are dreamers of dreams because GOD has proven you, tried you, tested you. You are the one GOD has a desire to communicate with regarding your purpose, your life, your relationships, your health and more. Sitting quietly and dreaming about a better life for yourself, see it manifesting, see it come to life. No need to get the opinions of other people as to what you see. Look at Joseph when he shared his dreams, his brothers came up against him, despised him and thought he thought he was better than them. When you are ready to accept that your life has to change, you are ready to dream with your eyes open to see you clearly, your life and the choices you made in life. Sit and think about what you want your reality to look like. What are some of the things you want to accomplish, short term, and long term. At this point in life where you’re dreaming with open eyes, try not to include a serious relationship right now, because a serious relationship can take the focus away from you to considering someone else’s needs. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t date as well as let GOD know your desires in being married or not. But right now, this moment is for you. Take time and consider your life and having a fulfilling life. What are the things you like, what are you good at doing, what new things do you want to learn? See yourself doing what you like doing. Now I digress a minute to say this. In Ecclesiastes the 5th chapter it states that if you love money, the operative word is love, then money will never satisfy you. If you love abundance, then increase will never satisfy you. I shared that you remind you to keep you heart and mind on GOD as you move forward to navigate your dreams. Turn your dreams into your reality. Turn your opportunity, your chance into a achieving a goal of a lifetime. Dreaming with your eyes open to see clearly represents means dreaming with action and not with imagery. Write down your dreams and put them into action creates responsibility, accountability to yourself. Our eBook the Law of Attraction and Your Wealth is an excellent guide to help you on your journey of dreaming.
The Law of Attraction and Your Wealth

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