The Word of GOD teaches us that GOD’S chosen people, while in the midst of sinners, had a decision to make. This decision would change the course of a nation forever.

After Judas had betrayed Jesus, the chief priests and the elders meet to put Jesus to death. They tied Him up and led Him to the governor. The governor asked Jesus questions and said that they find no fault in Him. But it was customary for sinners to release a prisoner on passover (means Easter).

Pilate, obeying their Easter customs asked, “Will ye therefore that release to you the King of Jews?” GOD’S chosen people quickly said no, crucify Him. Pilate honored their request and knowing that they wanted to kill Him because of jealousy.

Their jealousy caused them to release the murderer and to kill the Savior. Right now at this moment of time we have this same choice to make. Who will you release back into the world.

Will you release the spirit of lies and killed of the Spirit of Truth? Have you already release the spirit of hopelessness and destroyed the Spirit of Promise. Are you releasing wrong motives, taking advantage of people, releasing anger, hatred, jealousy or wickedness? Who have you set free lately but who are you going to crucify today.

Will you crucify your flesh so your spirit may grow? You have information to make informed decisions about your life, so why continue to release your tongue to murder people’s characters, hopes, dreams, families, etc. Why not consider releasing Truths, Grace, Life, Power, etc.

Choose ye this day who you’ll set free carfully because you’ll have to live with your decision. Reaping what we’ve sown is what we deserve but I choosing to release the Spirit of Mercy is forgiveness.

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