This particular passage of scripture deals with Thomas and his faithlessness. We understand that we are blessed because we have not seen Yeshua (Jesus, The Word) yet we believe. Today's revelation regarding this same occurrence is to those that believe but you don't examine the Word (Jesus). You believe but don't want to examine the... Continue Reading →


The Word of GOD teaches us that GOD'S chosen people, while in the midst of sinners, had a decision to make. This decision would change the course of a nation forever. After Judas had betrayed Jesus, the chief priests and the elders meet to put Jesus to death. They tied Him up and led Him... Continue Reading →


Matthew 11:25-30 In this particular passage we can clearly see that the first thing Jesus does is give thanks to The Father and recognizes HIS Power as The Lord of heaven and earth. He proves to us that in the midst of all our wisdom and the fact that we're mentally put together (prudent) that... Continue Reading →

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