Matthew 11:25-30
In this particular passage we can clearly see that the first thing Jesus does is give thanks to The Father and recognizes HIS Power as The Lord of heaven and earth. He proves to us that in the midst of all our wisdom and the fact that we’re mentally put together (prudent) that there are things hidden from you. Our wisdom nor prudence may not be the principles we use to enforce what we know everything seeing that GOD reveal certain things to babes (unlearned).
Then Jesus (Yeshua) says that this seemed good, delightful in HIS sight.
Now these aren’t real babies in this passage but are those that are disciples, desiring to learn GOD’S truths. These babes not only need GOD for nurturing, for shelter, for protection, for wisdom and knowledge and more but seek HIM for it. Those that need The Father are the ones that The Father takes care of. If you’re independent and can take care of yourself, you may feel you don’t need to listen to your Father because you already know. Yeshua Hamashiach (Jesus the Messiah) tells
But in the midst of our own wisdom to know it all, we find out that certain things are hidden from the wise and prudent and that this pleases GOD.
Then Yeshua shares with us that nothing is hidden from Him, that all things (whole, whosever, whatsoever) were entrusted/committed to Him of His Father. He states that no man knows Him but The Father and no man knows The Father except the Son and those that the Son wants to reveal GOD too. So in order to truly know The Father, the Son must reveal HIM to us (babes).
The Son then shares with us that in the midst of working hard, feeling fatigued and/or burdened that He has the authority to give your rest (refresh, ease). You don’t have to find rest, He gives it to you. This gift comes when you take Yeshua’s yoke (His balances) upon you and learn about Him. This means when we understand our rest from our burdens, our hard work comes from balancing our lives and learning about the Son. He also give us a glance as to who He is. He states that he is meek (gentle) and lowly in heart (humble in heart), and that in in the midst of all that we’re dealing with, if we come as babes (humbled) we shall obtain rest for our souls (minds, lives).
Then in closing this passage of scripture Yeshua (Jesus) lets us know that living a balanced life in Him, with Him is easy and that any burden (tasks, service) He places on us is light (easy). So who would you like to balance your life with, the world or with our Saviour? It seems like He cares for us when we care for ourselves by coming to Him as a babe and learning about Him. Life with the Son of GOD is lighter and maybe we need to consider relyng on Him rather than relying on our wisdom and prudence.

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