He gave of Himself

When I review the statistical data of marriages, hear the heartbreaks of breaking up and identify with the pain of a bad relationship, I realize its mainly because we treat love like intercourse. We go in, we come out, fluids (no shapes ) are released, we feel euphoric and then go to sleep. Most women want the man to “come” again so her need can be meet. This is how most people understand love. They’re not shaping their lives to be together forever, they’re living in and out of moments and because I don’t want you, because we can’t shape together, because I found a new model, I want out to have intercourse (entering into a course of action) with someone else.

This is the mindset that breaks hearts, releases negativity in families emotions, creates destructive mindsets, … yet we continue this mindset, hurting whomever we want to go after fleeting desires. This fleshly idealization of falling in and out of love has destroyed many lies yet many refuse to believe the truth that was given to us centuries ago. That truth is LOVE is a Spirit and He’s forever. He doesn’t leave, nor forsake. He’s gentle, forgiving, patient, not prideful, won’t seek to harm, doesn’t cause embarrassment, not selfish, not easily provoked and doesn’t plan evil things. Love is the Gift that GOD gives us to be complete, to know joy, excitement, peace and blessings.

As I study the scriptures I find out that LOVE is powerful and when we sustain that power and activate it we become LOVE. We become what’s needed in earth, we become what those that are lost need, we become the multipliers, planters, dominionaires (my word 😊), subduers, so that LOVE can take over the earth.

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