Have you ever had people impose their fear(s) on you? Someone may have talked negative about someone you know and because of their negative speak you began thinking as they thought about that individual. Well someone imposing their fear(s) is like that. You could drive over the same bridge every day and never thought anything about it until your friend that’s in the car with you this time says, ” Can I roll the windows down?” Your first reaction is why even in while they’re rolling it down. You, of course are going to inquire why. Then they begin to share with you their own personal fear of bridges over water. They take you through their thought process of how dangerous it is to drive over bridges. This new information is now at the for-front of your thoughts. Your mind is now processes what they’ve said, thought about how dangerous is could be because now you know that people built the bridge. You find yourself now feeling slightly apprehensive about crossing a bridge. You were fine until they kept repeating their fear until you were glad you crossed the bridge without a collapsed bridge incident. You may not have ever thought about how scary it is to cross a bridge over water until you opened all your windows.

This type of impose fear has an ability to cause us to be unnecessarily cautious about life. Now every time you cross a bridge, that negative conversation plays in your mind. But then there can come a day when you have to process that you’re not in danger crossing a bridge. You have to become free of their conversation.

When we allow people’s individualistic fear influence our minds it can change our lives. In life listening to negative things regarding life may not enhance your life. We must remember that each of us is in charge of how we live our lives and if we’re going to live a positive or negative lifestyle; neutral people, well they live another kind of life. Just like we can read/hear the news and immediately come people become fearful. Yes we must make informed decisions about our lives and the direction our lives will take but should not live in fear. The news has a tendency to promote fear and many people live in various types of fears.

Fear can be like a disease, the minute that someone becomes fearful they share that fear and now it’s spreading to others. The conversation changes. My heart goes out to the families of the nine people that died in the helicopter accident but this accident has nothing to do with taking a helicopter ride. You could miss out on a great opportunity with a loved one,  with a date or just an exciting vacation because you are now fearful to get into a helicopter. This is not they way GOD has planned for you to live. The Word says, “perfect love casts out fear,” so if you want to rid your life of fear, then begin loving yourself and not allow fear to limit living.

Fear free is a truly a freeing experience that each of us can continuously work on. Guard your hearts and minds from people that speak fear or live in fear. Allow yourself to become grateful for life and being able to love life. Life is so beautiful with good & bad when you recognize that in life love never ceases. Love is the most freeing person you’ll ever meet. Love productivity allows you to hold onto hope, gentleness, kindness, peace, joy and each other. Allow love to cast out your fear and be mindful of other people’s fears.

Expose your fears so that you can live a greater life loving GOD, yourself and others.


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