I know/knew that GOD chose me to be HIS obedient servant. I know my assignment is to spread GOD’S WORD (gospel truth). I knew GOD chose me when I was 12 years old and that because of the wisdom that HE imparted in me, that many would disagree with GOD and side with the world’s truths and standards. I know that in order to be a servant of The MOST HIGH GOD, that I needed boldness and TRUTH. Truth is the key that’s everyone needs to be steadfast, unmovable, abounding in the work of the LORD.

So I became a lifetime student of The Word but I know that it takes money to do the things GOD has given you to do. So I stopped praying about money and started praying that GOD makes a way for HIS Word in be to be manifested. That HIS Kingdom come and that HIS will be done.

After obeying GOD and moving to Florida, GOD began to give me visions and the Holy Ghost began to speak directions. I saw great and mighty things that I knew not of.

Then I received a call and they requested my correct address. I gave it to them and a week later I received 26 checks in the mail. I was so overwhelmed, surprised by GOD’S gift. Then after the checks, GOD blessed me with an amazing job. Then GOD has done even greater things. Money (without asking) gets deposited in my account from my beautiful daughters just because.

But wait, the Holy Spirit kept telling me, “Stock Market”. I finally invested and every day I’m making money.

Now these finances may look good to some people where you’ll go out and spend, spend, spend but GOD said not so. GOD’S blessings are being stored up for The Kingdom as GOD’S will is being done on earth as it is in heaven.

Those of you that know GOD and have a financial need, I ask that you stop praying for the money but begin praying for provision to do the will of GOD. Pray that GOD direct you to know HIS will. Pray that GOD makes a way for HIS Word to be fulfilled.

If you don’t have a Word, ask GOD to show you what your assignment is for the Kingdom. GOD’S WORD will not return void, it will accomplish that which HE sent it to accomplish.

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