Black Bondage

Blacks are always in bondage because they reject truth and run after facts seeking answers but are still perishing from lack of knowledge. They don't understand that they are chosen by GOD. So they live as rejects, with lots of defects, loving objects, no self-respect, fail to correct,  won't direct, live wrecked, don't wanna be... Continue Reading →

Itching Ears

The time has arrived in the whole wide world where people do not hold onto sound doctrine. They love hearing preachers and speakers giving puffy messages rather than hearing truth. There was a time when individuals were eager go to Sunday school to learn about the Word of GOD. Then the church got rid of... Continue Reading →


The word virus is not biblical so I decided to look up another name for the word virus. In looking up another name for virus, I came across the words poison, venom, and slime. These words are biblical except slime. So I ask that you take a moment, let's study poison and venom to see... Continue Reading →


Apostle Colette Butler teaches on the difference between sin, iniquity and wickedness in order to assist the BODY OF THE MESSIAH. It is always beneficial to know how to pray especially when the Word of GOD informs us that it's the Spirit that helps our infirmities because we know not what we should pray as... Continue Reading →


FOR THOSE THAT CAN SEE CLEARLY I'm rejoicing, not at our fatalities, nor our calamities, various mentalities nor formalities but I rejoice because of the WORD'S reality, capacity, finality and The Son's guarantee. OBEDIENCE is better than sacrifice. We can't sacrifice nothing to stop The Father's anger. Asking for forgiveness is the gift GOD has... Continue Reading →

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