The Word Teaches Investment

When we study the Word of GOD, it does a beautiful job showing us the wrong way as well as the right way. People may think that the scriptures may not speak on some subjects, but if you study you can find answers to all things because there is nothing new UNDER the sun. So when it comes to money, the scriptures are quite clear.

There is NO scripture in the Word of GOD that tells you to sow money. Even the world teaches that you only give “seed” money when you are initially investing in a new venue. The world never ask you to sow seed money, they ask to invest with seed money. This is typically a one time invested to get the project going.

Now let us see what the scriptures says. The scriptures informed us that the man that sowed/burned money in the ground was a wicked and slothful servant. He sowed 1 talent (money) in the ground and dug up 1 talent, there was no increase on money sown.

But then in Matthew 25 or Luke 19 we see that the other 2 servants put their money to work, to use and gain interest. Therefore they received even greater than what they initially received. The 1 talent sower was not only called a wicked and slothful servant, he would told that he should have took the money to a broker, a banker and gained interest.

This principle is being followed by multitudes of people, yet billions of people sit by and get made at rich people for getting richers because they understand the principles of interest.

Now let me be clear, the scriptures do prohibit the body of the Messiah from charging interest to each other. If we lend money to each other, no interest should be attached. Throughout the Old Testament, GOD shows us the evils if interest and interest being charged on debts. Study the Old Testament, it is very interesting.

When it comes to interest and the fact that Yeshua (Jesus) teaches us Himself not to sow money but to put it to the bankers, yet many follow false teachings to sow, yet they are still broke and suffering.

Life doesn’t have to be so disappointing when we learn to trust GOD rather than man. Today people have erected up other people to be their idol god and have misplaced their trust. The scriptures says, “cursed is the man that trusts in man.” Are you living a cursed life that you brought upon yourself.

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