I truly believe that almost (there is always an exception) everyone loves to receive gifts and the joy they bring. There is a exuberance that is felt the minute that gift is delivered to you. You look at the size of the package to predetermine what it us. You’re excited to actually see what the gift is.

You unwrap it based upon your own emotional cheerfulness and you look. Your eyes can now can see what was inside this package that excited you so much. Upon looking at the gift, your immediate facial expressions will tell if you like or dislike your gift.

Well its the same thing that happen with our spiritual gifts. We finally recognize that we’re gifted. You may feel excited about the gift(s) or you may feel a sense of saddness. Other people may know that you’re gifted and whenever they mention your gift, your facial expression tells them how you feel about your gift.

Ever gift comes with some type of instruction(s). But because we neglect the instructions we may not be able to enjoy the gift in its entirety. Using short cuts and trial and error can impact the results you achieve from your gift. But in order to achieve maximum benefits from the gift, you may need to read the instructions and obey. Putting this off can create confusion, surprise elements and/or cheating yourself out of the gifts full potential.

Taking a little time out of your day to become familiar with your gift(s) can cause enjoyment and you’ll be more prepared to use the gift. Take away the guess work so you enjoy the gift(s) your Heavenly Father had given you. You have gifts and potential, now is a great time to share both with a world that’s in need of gifts.

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  1. Check this out we need to use our spiritual gifts more than ever now and he’s last and hateful days people are lost and they need direction and I just can lead them to the promised land which is the Father in heaven and the Lord Messiah it’s our responsibility to use our gifts to glorify God and not ourselves we can’t be glory Graphics we must be careful of that cuz God said he would not share his glory with anyone thank you collect this wonderful series and I’m sending this to everybody I know


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