Apostle Colette Butler

GOD has gifted me the various gift and now HE is charging me again to move forward with the gifts HE has given me. There was one time when I use to travel and use HIS gifts and then people began to come from every where and I (not GOD) shut it down because I didn’t know how to handle to gifts HE gave me. Well I know that GOD is an awesome GOD and HE does things decency and in order. HE is not the author of confusion and I was allowing others to create confusion in my life. Today I thank GOD that HE has gifted my with 2020 vision and that by obeying HIM, I will eat the good of the land. 

If you find yourself confused, in need of a prophetic word from the Holy Spirit, or you may have dreams that you don’t understand, then know that GOD has servants here to assist you on your journey to draw nearer to GOD. Please feel free to ask GOD if I’m the vessel HE wants you to is there another. Once you’ve received your confirmation and GOD says yes, please feel free to contact me using the form below or via my email address. Because there are times that we can become overwhelmed by requests, I ask that you patiently wait on the LORD to contact you back. Please do not be anxious for nothing but in all things with prayer and supplications.

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