Christmas is a day where love is spread

Where you read bedtime stories to your children in bed


Where snow flakes fall from the sky above

And not matter what, you know that you’re loved


But what happens when Christmas turns bad

And all the family is trying not to be mad.


What if your loved one can’t walk, run or play?

And Christmas becomes one sad day


What happens when smiles turns into frowns?

And you feel helpless, like no one is around.


You can’t change the situation, and all you feel is fear

Desiring to want only is a listening ear.


You holding back tears from streaming down

Our stomach is aching, churning round and round


You’re afraid your worst fears will come to pass

And is this the way our holiday will last?


Then you look into your kid’s eyes of sadness

Wondering how to bring back the gladness


Fear has gripped your family and your faith

While constant crying, praying and wait.


No one knows the end that’s in sight

Or if they’ll make it through the night


The only thing to do is pray and hope for

To show them our love more and more


We wait to hear that things will get better

But we question what in life really matters.”


Our loved one needs us more now than ever

To stand up and show that our love is forever


We sit quietly praying for God’s hand to touch

Our loved one with healing, is that asking too much?


Lord help them please, Lord help them please

Healing is the only Christmas gift we need.

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